What To Expect


morning traditional Worship-11 AM II sun. night Celebrate Recovery-7pm

So I bet you're wondering, who are these people?

We’ve put together some information here that anticipates and tries to briefly answer some of the questions you may have prior to visiting our church for the first time:

The Surrounding Area

Bright Light sits along State Highway 30, which is about 3.3 miles SE of Harvey Rd. and 3.6 miles from Bird Pond Road. The church sits in what can be considered a rural setting while on the edge of College Station. 


At Bright Light, we are not formal on most occasions. On Sunday morning, we have coffee going and some snacks for those who didn't eat breakfast. Throughout the week, the church may have a few counseling sessions in progress, the Bright Light Learning Center in full swing, and a Bible study here and there. Feel free to seek out how to get plugged in and where God is stirring in your heart a call to minister. 

We are a congregation of the community and so that means it will be a mixture of characteristics. People who are single, married, younger, or older will be welcomed.

We hope to worship among each other however that looks while holding true to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The music and worship are built around Biblical themes that are timeless. Both hymnals and current worship music is played as it seeks to glorify God. We hope that whatever song is played, serves to bring our worship time to a place of reverence and love toward our Father. 

Come dressed as you see fit. The pastor may wear a tie but that's on him, you don't need to. For Bible studies and other ministries, it is "come as you are". We know you have work, kids, or other responsibilities that keep you busy. 

Family Friendly

Bright Light will strive to serve the family and encourage it as God did. (Genesis 2:24) We often have events that serve the children of the community, the youth as well as the mothers and fathers. Bright Light is not only serving families but serves as a family. 


From the pulpit, you will hear sound expository preaching. The focus of each sermon is built around the point of the Biblical text being addressed with clear and practical descriptions. The pastor doesn't bring complex jargon that belongs in an academic paper (he will if you ask though). The sermon will be descriptive in its context when it was written as well as applicable to our lives today without distorting the intended message.

Biblical Teaching

Here at Bright Light, we place a high priority on the preaching and teaching of God's Word and that Jesus is part of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit). Jesus is also the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father but through Him (John 14:6). The worship service is a time for us to come together as a community to learn, be encouraged, and be challenged by God's Word. Other opportunities exist beyond the Sunday worship service where members have a chance to grow in their walk with God. Our purpose is to mature in Christ to continually serve Jesus. While doing that we participate in ministries while we fellowship.

Those are the simple and essential points but important ones to consider. If you need more info, you can always reach out to us on our "Contact Us" page.

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