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We Celebrate Him!


As I sit and think of all my experiences since coming to Texas and serving at "Bright Light", I can see that it is no easy task. God puts us in places that require dedication, tough skin, and faith. 

Yet, as I say that, I have come to further appreciate, have empathy for, and love dearly those in the community. This comes while grieving those we lost, enjoying the growth of children, and watching a slow but steady impact on the small world around us. 

We hope to see Bright Light continue to make relationships while wiser and with steady footing. We also hope to discover new methods for raising funds for the projects that need completing.

Bright Light is changing while remembering our roots and who we serve. Furthermore, we are so blessed to have met new people as we stretch out our arms and become more aware of how to serve them. 

As your pastor and servant, I pray that I am leading well, making disciples, and encouraging you. This hope comes so that we allow the Holy Spirit to stretch our souls to be mighty ambassadors for Christ.

"But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand." Isaiah 64:8

 -Pastor Gabe

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"Fishers of men"


In Mark 1:17, Jesus explained what it meant for His disciples to be used in growing the Kingdom. God's glory shines when we are a part of the mission to share the Good News. 

Bright Light has launched ministries that have already made an impact on the community. Some ministries seemed to have trouble lifting off the ground.

That's ok, God wants us to evaluate what we plan to do, do it, asses it, step back, then reassess again. 

Our church is one that plans to be in the trenches with God's people. What that means is that it will be exhausting while exhilarating, heartbreaking though spirit-filled, and with blessings along with criticisms and resentment. 

Yet, in the short time that my wife and I have served here in Central Texas, we have found it a privilege to be a part of Bright Light and those whom we serve. We have received loving support from a multitude of people rooting for us. 

We keep going, pushing forward, and loving every minute of this wild rollercoaster God has us on. 

"Come follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men."

Time for deep prayer


After the launch of multiple ministries in September, it is time for deep prayer. Bright Light is seeking to serve the Lord as He wants and so we must be aware of His instruction, 

The Bright Light Christian Learning Center (BLCLC) is now in its third week and it is running smoothly. Though the first week of school includes some sniffles and upset tummies, we see progress already in the new students. 

"Family Night" has received a welcomed response from the community. The turnout has been smaller than the chatter on social media, however, we are prayerful and assessing the needs and if it is one in how we serve Thursdays. 

"Celebrate Recovery @ Bright Light" will meet for its third time this coming Sunday. So far, we have had a well-received group attend. Bright Light agrees with its recovery community that it is needed and so it will be the main stay. 

All of these ministries will need your support through prayer. The intent of these ministries is not to grow the church, but to glorify God. In that, we hope to see wounded and hungry souls filled with the Holy Spirit. If God tells us to maneuver, pivot or abandon a particular ministry, we will be obedient and seek His guidance. 

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the Elaboration Phase

August 2022

Bright Light has come to a point where we know what we need for the plans for our future. We are ready to get it done with the equipment and schedule for those plans. 

One example is the start of Bright Light Christian Learning Center (BLCLC) which kicks off on September 6th. Among other plans and items, we have a new swing set donated, a curriculum to use, and as of today, sixteen students are enrolled. The "Meet the Teacher" dinner will be set for August 11th

Our Thursday Service will begin September 8th which will include a 6:00p meal and a 7:00p service. This will include a "kid's club" and a study with Pastor Gabe.

September 11th will be the start of Celebrate Recovery @ Bright Light.  Come address your hurts, habits, and hangups with others through a Biblical perspective. 

These are just a few of what God has planned for our ministerial impact on our community.

Do you feel led to take part in these events or others we have planned? If so, contact us and let us get to know you and work together serving our King. 

-Pastor Gabe

The organization Phase

June 2022

Bright Light is now in its organization phase as the congregation works toward bringing new ministries to the community.
Honestly, it is hard work to bring the gospel to a community and although Bright Light is smaller than it has been in the past, we pray that God builds us in proportion to what He has planned for us.

So, we hope and pray that we receive new folks who are or who will become committed to Christ and decide to become part of the Bright Light family.

We need those who are willing to pick up a plunger as well as the Bible. We need faithful people who can help mow, clean, and organize as well as read, teach and help with Saturday evangelism. 

Christianity is a constant movement that encourages, as well as corrects, and it is a faith bound by Jesus and directed by Him. Someone this important isn't just followed, but when a person sees His truth, it is true freedom. 

-Pastor Gabe

We Are Off and Running

The latest at Bright Light Free Will Baptist Church - April of 2022

Our church has kicked off our first event with a bang. Our Good Friday event led the Easter weekend off with a somber but hopeful recollection of what our Savior endured for us, We then had a wonderful Saturday morning despite the humidity with our egg hunt. We took in more than two hundred people to enjoy popcorn, balloons, nachos, and other treats while enjoying crafts.

Sunday morning, we enjoyed our glorious recollection of how He has risen! He is risen indeed. I hope you were able to enjoy the glorious knowledge of His gift to all of us this weekend however you chose to do so. 

This weekend will be one of both longing and joy for my family. My wife will return to California one last time to complete the school year as a teacher at our previous church. I am grateful for her passion and commitment to those in that community. Though I will miss her for the weeks to come, I will continue to plan and serve the community here around Bright Light. There is so much more on the table to prepare for; we will keep you posted on all of it. 

We would like to invite those who seek a church with an ambitious heart for Christ who are ready to serve the community. We hope we can work together with you as we grow in learning who we are, discovering our scars, and celebrating our strengths in Christ Jesus. How does that look, what does God have in store for us and who am I to even take part in it? Well, let's find out together. 

-Pastor Gabe

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